Photoshop CS6: Basic

In this class one day class (6 hours), it is all about learning how to get started editing photos. You will be able to identify the components of the Photoshop environment; learn about the differences between raster and vector graphics. We will learn how to use Adobe Bridge; organizing your images and create several output projects from bridge. You will explore various methods of selecting image areas; learn how to modify and manipulate your selections. Learn how to create layer and type layers. You will learn the basic image adjustment features. We will work on repairing and retouching images. We will and learn image resolution and work with canvas sizing.

Photoshop CS6: Advanced

In this class one day class (6 hours), you will learn how to use color fills, gradients, patterns, and overlays. You will also create layer masks, grayscale masks, and clipping masks to show or hide various parts of an image. You will then learn how to create and edit paths and convert type to paths. In addition, you will learn how to apply a variety of creative effects, use the Vanishing Point feature and Smart Filters, create layer comps, and prepare images for use in video productions. Finally, you will learn how to work more efficiently in Photoshop using keyboard shortcuts and workflows. 

InDesign CS6: Basic

In this class one day class (6 hours), you will learn the fundamental concepts and terminology and the basic features of Adobe InDesign CS6. You will learn how to create documents, place text and graphics, and create custom color swatches. You will also learn how to work with master pages and multi-page documents. In addition, learn how to format text, apply styles, work with threaded text frames, position and group objects, and work with layers. Finally, we will learn how to print documents, create print presets, and package documents for commercial printing.

InDesign CS6: Intermediate

In this class one day class (6 hours), you will you will learn how to import content from a Word document, you will learn the Story Editor and use the Track Changes features, insert special charterers, glyphs, and break characters. You will learn how to relink images that have moved, update modified links; edit the original file; place and link graphic frames with the Content Collector, and map styles to linked parent and child text. You will learn how to create liquid and alternate layouts; use placeholders and templates and more. We will work with color swatches and adjust object transparency and lighting effects. We will also create custom shapes and lines using vector paths. Lastly we will create, modify, and format tables; add editorial notes; and create table styles.

Illustrator CS6: Basic

In this class one day class (6 hours), you will cover the fundamentals of Illustrator CS6, which is used primarily to work with vector-based graphics. After getting familiar with the Illustrator CS6 environment, you will learn how to create a simple illustration by creating and manipulating shapes and by drawing and editing paths. You will also learn how to apply color, gradients, and transparency. They will then learn how to work with text and layers

Illustrator CS6: Advanced

In this class one day class (6 hours), you will further your skills learning how to create and work with multiple artboards, understanding pixel-aligned paths, working with symbols and symbol tools and sets. Create web graphics utilizing SVG and creating animations. We will work with Color tools working with color groups, Kuler panel, Pantone Plus libraries and work with color adjustments. We will also learn how to create and use brushes, patterns. Learn how to create and use mesh. Learn how to how use the type tool styles and effects. You will learn how to create special effects and stylize. Explore your printing options, preparing artwork for print and working with transparency, overprinting, trapping and saving presets.

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In software training, it has never been more difficult to keep pace with today’s ever-evolving digital technology. By getting training from an Adobe Certified Instructor, you can be assured you are receiving the latest in Adobe's cutting-edge tools.

Associate Professor at University of Utah, Continuing Education

I created and developed several classes At the Technology Education Department which give the most current skills for becoming a Web Design professional. I continue to work with the University In their Technology Department.

UEN - Utah Education Network

I am a Consultant at UEN on web design and Site development. I am part of the team that runs all of the on line presence for the State of Utah education including public TV and radio.

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I offer a "bring the trainer to you" package that is affordable, fast and convenient. It is a great way to stay current with the latest in graphic and web design software. It's become more and more difficult to provide the necessary training to keep your employees with up to date skills. This is a seamless, customized way to keep up. We can customize the training to small or large groups anywhere you are.


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Learn how to create an online presence that is branded to match all your online Corporate brand. Branding is an important intrical piece that will set you apart from the rest of the competition.

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